Legos And Smartphones: Out To Take Over The World

A while back, I ran across a list online of the things that the smartest people are worried about. I immediately felt like an idiot because the list consisted of things like whether we have outsourced too many skills to machines and not things I spend time worrying about like whether I am out of […]


iPhone 5 Announced! Countdown to iPhone 6 Begins Now…

Apple announced today the preorder date for its upcoming iPhone 5, the most highly anticipated phone since the iPhone 4s was announced a year ago. Apple has done a great deal to improve on their flagship product. They have made it thinner and sleeker while at the same time making the screen larger. It’s enough […]

National Hug Day: The Dumbest Holiday Ever or Pure Genius?

All around the world today, people were forced into awkward, unnatural embracing. Under normal circumstances, being hugged is saved for special occasions or people you really like. Today, though, it could have come from the neighbor, the mailman, a stranger in a store, even the smelly homeless gentleman you were nice enough to hand your […]