Ironing: Just Another Gap in My Basic Knowledge

There are many things in life my genes did not equip me to do. I will never wear normal sized gloves, hats, pants, or, I would assume, any sort of outfit consisting of the three (a pair of glhants?). When spring rolls around, I will spend two month being unable to breathe correctly. It is […]

The Nathan’s New Clothes

There is an old story about an Emperor who, in all of his vanity, hires two tailors to make him the finest clothing in his entire kingdom. Seeing that the Emperor is stupid, these two tailors make him clothes that they say are invisible to stupid people, but really are nonexistent. Since the clothes are […]

I bet this is why they invented tuxedo t-shirts…

There are many challenges that come with being an adult male in a modern society. The pressure to provide for your family? Yes. The pressure of living up to the heroic statuesque proportions that you have set for yourself and that your children have for you? Absolutely. There is one challenge that towers over all […]