A Letter From Santa

Dear Everyone in the World (with a few exceptions), Wow! Another Christmas has come and gone. I think we can all agree 2012 was a great holiday season full of Christmas spirit. First, I would like to thank my elves. As always, the boys in the factory worked their little tiny elven tushies off. As […]


A Boy and His Toilet: Best Friends Forever

In 1996, a great fad took overAmerica. It was bigger than the Beatles, more important than any cultural item had ever been. That year, McDonalds took a break from throwing their usual cheap plastic toys into happy meals and took on one of the biggest fads of all time- the Beanie Baby. I desperately wanted […]

Twas Two Nights Before Christmas

Twas two nights before Christmas And all through the town The men were panicked for no gift had they found. “I’m dead meat, I’m done,” They cried in defeat As some other lucky husband grabbed the last jewelry that was cheap. They went to store after store But to no avail As the hours were […]