Cinco De Mayo Question of the Day

Question: Why do the same people celebrate Cinco De Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day?   The two holidays have very little in common. One is celebrating the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. The other is celebrating a battle where a severely overmatched Mexican army beat a vastly superior French army. Despite this, the same […]


The Shamrock Shake: A Drink That Would Make St. Patrick Proud

There is a creature, the likes of which very few have ever seen. It will appear once a year, but no one knows where you can find this being. After years of waiting, though, it has finally reappeared. It has shown it’s green face and popped its whipped cream covered head out of its hiding […]

The Story of St. Patrick

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, the day where everyone gets to pretend their Irish, green food and drinks are permissible, and you can pinch a coworker without expecting extensive legal action. Or course, like most holidays, no one has the slightest idea what St. Patrick’s Day is really all about. Unlike Christmas, Charles Schultz didn’t […]

Thursday Haiku

St. Patricks big day Full of parades and green drinks Just like he would want. Related Articles My first and probably last attempt at haiku ( CTA in haiku: snapping to attention on the bridge ( Haiku About Something That Drives Me Nuts ( Write a Haiku – WordPress Prompt (