Your Official, Genuine, For Real Up-To-Date 2012 Presidential Poll

With only two days to go before the Presidential Election Day, all eyes are on the polls as people search for the answers to the important questions. Who will have the chance to guide the United States into the coming apocalyptic future? Who will become the answer to a trivia question about former presidential candidates? […]


Cat Congressional Candidate Claws Competitors, Also Inspires a Really Neat Alliteration

For those who haven’t heard yet, 2012 is an election year. That means more of the same. Republicans will call Democrats elitist. Democrats will call Republicans fat cats. Independent parties will say mildly crazy stuff with no hope of ever actually winning an election. It all gets very boring after a while. There are only […]

I bet this is why they invented tuxedo t-shirts…

There are many challenges that come with being an adult male in a modern society. The pressure to provide for your family? Yes. The pressure of living up to the heroic statuesque proportions that you have set for yourself and that your children have for you? Absolutely. There is one challenge that towers over all […]