I Don’t Want To Be Funny, So Leave Me Alone

As the writer of a humor blog, there is a lot of pressure to be funny. It is, after all, a humor blog. If someone were writing a humor blog that was not funny, it would kind of defeat the entire purpose of the blog. Over the past 514 posts, I have written many humorous […]

What to Say When You Don’t Know What to Say to a Guy

As I do occasionally, I was perusing a list of Google searches that have led to my blog. I skimmed through, finding the usual “Unicorns” and “Obama Shower Curtain” and came upon a new one I had never encountered. “What to say when you don’t know what to say to a guy.” This struck me […]

Watch Your Back, Flies. My Wife is After You…

My house has become a fly danger zone. Every three to four seconds, I hear a loud “FWAP” followed by my wife screaming “I GOT YOU, FLY!” She will then proceed to dance over the fly’s dead body, admiring her kill. She is a bit strange. As the more sensitive person in the relationship, I […]

In-Law Jokes For the Brown-Nosers Amongst Us…

Through the years, literally hundreds of people have enjoyed a laugh at the expense of their in-laws. They have said all kinds of terrible things about their in-laws intelligence and told stories that end with their in-laws being mauled by dogs. It is very rude to say the least. Just because these disgusting jokes made […]