Roseanne Barr: America’s Greatest President

With comedienne Roseanne Barr’s announcement that she will seek the Green Party’s presidential nomination, many people were baffled. Why would Roseanne Barr want to be president? Could she do a good job? Is Roseanne Barr still alive because I’m pretty sure I saw someone say she was dead on Twitter? Barr has been a strong […]


Mitt Romney Speaks French, Hates America

Warning: The following is to be read in a sarcastic tone. If you at any point in time find yourself agreeing with anything written here, please go sit in a dark room and think long and hard about your life. Just like most of America, I have been eagerly awaiting the 2012 presidential election. Our […]

Campaigning For President: Only Slightly More Fun Than a Shark Attack

  Warning: The following post is about American politics. If you are from a foreign land you may not care about what is said here. If you are from America, you may not care either, but I can call you unpatriotic if you don’t read this, so ha.   When I was a kid, teachers […]