If I Have A Son, I Will Call Him… Uhhhh…

There are a lot of reasons to be nervous about having children. From their graceless, teetering attempts to walk across the room all the way to their graceless, teetering attempts at become full-grown well-adjusted human beings, there are a lot of dangers that a parent has to watch out for. Suddenly, parents are responsible for […]


Dear Nathan

Once again, I have set out to help the world make sense to those who need help. It is time for more “Dear Nathan.” DEAR NATHAN: I married “Andy” a year ago. He has three children from a prior marriage. He had a vasectomy eight years ago, but promised he’d have it reversed so we […]

Thank You For The Spam, Internet

As an international blogging superstar (I have one subscriber from Canada, so it counts), I receive many comments from people. Most of these comments I receive are complete nonsense. In fact, a lot aren’t even from real people. Just because they are nonsense, though, does not mean they should be completely ignored. To show my […]