Oh, Good. More Angry Birds to Waste My Life On…

I tried to be productive today. Honestly, I did. I worked very hard to get things done all day. At least, I worked hard until I became distracted. Normally, I become distracted on my own. It’s very easy. I could be distracted by a fly on the wall or a bird outside or someone saying […]

If You Love Bacon So Much, Why Not Get a Pet Pig?

Ever since we were first dating, my wife has told me that she loves pets. She grew up with dogs and cats, so it was a given that we would have pets in our house. While she loves our dog to the point that it has become a little bit unnerving and she defends our […]

Pork: No Longer the Other White Meat

Bob Dylan was right: The times, they are a’changin’ (meant to be read in a strange but oddly appealing voice). Pork is no longer the other white meat. The National Pork Board decided, after much debate, to change their famous “The Other White Meat” motto to “Pork: Be Inspired” (I wish I was making this […]