I Won’t Be There With Bells On. I’ll Probably Just Wear Regular Clothes.

Once upon a time in foggy London town (I’m making that assumption, fair or not), two gentlemen met on a street. “Top of the morning, Reginald,” said the first man, tipping his top hat in Reginald’s direction. “Indeed it is, William” said the second man, pausing when he realized this was an inappropriate response to […]


Board Games: Please Don’t Make Me Play Them Ever Again

I’m about to say something that will enrage the masses. I hate board games. Right now, you are seriously thinking about throwing your computer to the ground and hunting me down just to punch me in the face. I know this is your reaction because this is not the first time I’ve said this. In […]

It Sucks to Grow Up: The Birthday Edition

Most nightmares cannot come true. It’s impossible. The odds of the shark from Jaws chasing you down the street while you are trying to find your pants so you can get to your advanced Sociology final, a class you’ve never even been to, by the way, are very slim. There is one nightmare that people […]