Writer’s Block, Welcome Back Old Friend

I’m waving my white flag today. As I started to write, I couldn’t focus on one thing at all. Maybe it’s because I’m tired. Maybe everything in the world is so interesting today, I can’t pick one thing to focus my time on. Maybe I just have A.D.D. Whatever the case may be, I am […]


Dear Barack Obama

Dear Barack Obama, Hello. How are you? I am also well, thanks for asking. It’s so great that we could catch up like this. I was watching the Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday night. I do this every Sunday night with hopes of eventually seeing the animal on Donald Trump’s head move. It still hasn’t, but […]

Get Ready Oprah. Here Comes My Memoir.

It has happened again. We’ve been duped. We’ve been made fools of. Once again, we’ve been “A Million Little Pieced.” You might remember author James Frey. A few years ago, Frey wrote a bestselling “memoir.” This “memoir” ended up being what people like to call “a lie.” He was punished by experiencing Oprah’s scorn on […]