Confession: I Am Not an Award-Winning Athlete

I would like to take a break from my normal blogging for a very special note to someone. Earlier this evening, I happened to notice it was a lovely night out. Being the fitness fanatic I am, I did what any athletic-minded person would do: stop shoving food in my fat mouth long enough to […]

Goodbye 2012 Olympics. You Will Be Missed.

After two weeks, tonight marks the end of the 2012 Olympics. It seems like just yesterday we were watching countries marching into the opening ceremonies and trying to figure out where Equatorial Guinea is located. Now, though, our time has come to an end. In honor of the end of the greatest Olympics to happen […]

Thanks For Ruining Everything, Media Jerks!

Dear CNN, Fox, NBC, Google, Yahoo, ESPN, and everyone on Facebook or Twitter, As you might have heard, the Olympics began this weekend in London. Today was the first day of events and I was very eager to watch Michael Phelps swim in his first race. As you have reminded me every day leading up […]

Olympic Opening Ceremonies: What?!

Every four years, an event unlike any other arrives. Athletes from around the world unite for one cause: advertising McDonalds. Oh, that and representing their homeland in a series of unimportant and easily forgotten sporting events. The summer Olympics have arrived. For the next two weeks, the world’s most elite athletes will swim, jump, run, […]