A Cupcake’s Tragic End 2: The Cupcakening

Last night, I wrote a post berating my neighbors for smashing a cupcake on our front step. (You can read that here) After reading it, though, my wife was concerned. She did not feel that my post was nearly sarcastic or passive-aggressive enough.  I guess she was concerned that our neighbors might someday read this […]

Oh, How I Wish I Were the Invisible Man

I really wish I had the power to turn invisible. I haven’t always felt this way. In fact, before yesterday, if you suggested that this would be the best superpower, I would have replied, “Poppycock! Invisibility?! That’s a whole lot of rubbish!” (Apparently, before yesterday evening, I was a British man from the 1930’s.) My […]

Confessions From The Spouse of a Nosy Neighbor

  Everyone has a nosy neighbor. It’s essentially become a part of moving to any new home. You check out the schools, the carpeting, where the nosy neighbor lives, the cabinet space… If you don’t believe me, watch any sitcom from the sixties or seventies. If there was a neighbor, that neighbor was always butting […]