Operation Boob Tube, Part 1

2013 Goal #28: Get On TV Everyone wants to be on TV. There is nothing more exciting than knowing that there are possibly millions of human beings looking at your face. Sure, many of them will change the channel to something more entertaining and even more of them will only watch you because they are […]


No Hockey? No Problem!

With the National Hockey League in a lockout, fans of the bloodiest and coldest sport around are left without entertainment. Throughout the country, you can hear the cries of the 4% of Americans who love hockey. You can also hear the sounds of disinterest from the rest of the 96%, but that 4% are pretty […]

Dear Nathan

DEAR NATHAN: One of my friends, “Max,” cheats at golf. Otherwise he’s witty, interesting and fun to be around. He moves his ball closer to the hole on the green and “improves” his lie when he thinks no one is looking. I have tried to overlook Max’s transgressions, but others in our golf group talk […]