“Bones”: Seriously? I’m Watching a Show About Rotting Corpses?

TV used to be so simple for me. I had a very narrow scope of what I would want to watch. If it involved a person eating an inhumanly large amount of food in a single sitting, I was in. If it was a show about modeling, models, how to model, how to dress a […]

Psychic Detective Causes a False Alarm For Police. Also Doesn’t Win Lottery. Must Be A Lousy Psychic.

In an effort to further the arts, we at the Life and Times like to encourage those around us to participate in various artistic activities. We all know, however, that you are too busy to keep up on the latest news AND enhance your artistic appreciations. To combat this, we have written a delightful script […]

Good Friday Would Be A Whole Lot Better Without Work

Right now, as you read this, I know exactly what you are thinking. “This Friday, somehow, seems different. It seems…. much more gooder.” First of all, gooder is not a word. That is the worst grammar I have ever seen. Your English teachers have been whipped into a violent rage because of what you just […]