Thanks for Accepting My Tax Money, Government. Glad I Can Help.

Dear Government, Good evening. I hope this letter finds you well. You might not know me. My name is Nathan Badley. You probably know me as SSN# 111111111. I was writing to let you know that I have, officially, filed my taxes. Much like most Americans, I have spent the last week cursing your name […]


Farewell Middle Class, The Lottery is About To Make Me Rich

I hate being poor. In movies, being poor looks great. You either work way harder than everyone else, eventually becoming successful and reaching that goal you have always dreamed of or you and your other poor friends spontaneously burst into song and choreographed dance. It’s fantastic. In real life, it’s much less pleasant. Without money, […]

I Could Really Use a Million Dollar Piece of Trash

I hate TV. I should be more specific. It is not the entertainment of TV that I hate. Nothing is more enjoyable then sitting down, turning my brain off, and staring mindlessly at a flashing screen. I’m not going to sit here and preach the evils of television or the lack of “quality, though-provoking” programming. […]

Man Gets $16 Million Cable Bill, Puts My Money Issues Into Perspective

I’m a cheap person. I’m aware of it, so telling me this is no surprise. I am, after all, married, so I’ve heard it more than once in my life. Ever since my wife and I’s wedding day, we have worked at saving money. My wife graduated college with student loan debt of roughly $76 […]