Superman Leaves Lois Lane For Wonder Woman. Apparently, Ladies Really Like Capes…

Note: I realize that some of the information here may not be accurate. However, if you correct me on any of it, I will call you a nerd and make fun of you. Everyone will be pointing and laughing and making jokes about your inability to talk to the opposite gender. Now on to a […]

Wife Talk: Olympic Edition

    Every four years, the ultimate athletic event takes place. Thousands of athletes from around the entire planet come together to see who is truly superior at dozens of athletic contests that no one ever thinks about outside of this event.   People have spent the week asking about Michael Phelps or the United […]

Thanks For Ruining Everything, Media Jerks!

Dear CNN, Fox, NBC, Google, Yahoo, ESPN, and everyone on Facebook or Twitter, As you might have heard, the Olympics began this weekend in London. Today was the first day of events and I was very eager to watch Michael Phelps swim in his first race. As you have reminded me every day leading up […]