“Bones”: Seriously? I’m Watching a Show About Rotting Corpses?

TV used to be so simple for me. I had a very narrow scope of what I would want to watch. If it involved a person eating an inhumanly large amount of food in a single sitting, I was in. If it was a show about modeling, models, how to model, how to dress a […]

Celebrate Memorial Day the Right Way (Hey! That Rhymes!)

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, a day to honor all of those who, since the Civil War, have been killed in battle. In typical American fashion, it has also become a day revolving around food, causing many to shove grilled meats down their gullet. With so much of a focus on eating, it is easy to […]


My Favorite Holiday? I’m Glad You Asked…

A while back (8 days, 19 hours and 15 minutes ago to be exact) I was asked a very intriguing question. I had finished a post apologizing to Earth for the fact that we are a bunch of stupid idiots when I was “tagged” by a person named Angrygorillaemissions. (You should go peruse this blog, […]

Painting: The Ultimate Relaxation

I love weekends. There is no bad part about weekends. You get to sleep in, relax, hang out with friends, all without any responsibilities. The only thing better than a weekend is a three day weekend. That is why I love Memorial Day. I was looking forward to my three day weekend. Usually, three day […]