A Warning to Detroit: Big Foot Is Here and He Is After Your Pizza

In my lifetime, I have but one goal, one task to accomplish before my fleeting time on this earth has passed. When the final hours have ticked by, I do not hope to be known for possessions or worldly things, but by something much bigger. Something that will stand the test of time. If I […]

Dear Nathan

For some time now, I have occasionally offered up my advice in posts I have titled “Dear Nathan.” Normally, these letters are hunted down by yours truly so that I can give the advice that other advice columnists (the main one rhyming with “Smear Cabby”) are afraid or far too stupid to offer up. For […]

I Sure Could Go For Some Bowling and a Decent Soup

In my lifetime, I have been to dozens of bowling alleys. I have seen very nice bowling alleys (“Ooooo! Black lights!”). I have seen terrible bowling alleys (“Eww! Clogged toilets!”). I’ve seen bowling alleys that fall somewhere in between (“Black lights and clogged toilets! Huzzah!”). No matter the status of the toilet situation, a bowling trip is […]