Rejected Titles For My Memoirs

I Promise You, It Wasn’t My Fault: The Nathan Badley Story   All You Need Is Love. And Food, You Know, So You Don’t Die.   The Autobiography of Nathan Badley: As Told to Alex Haley   I Honestly Have No Idea Why the Caged Bird Sings, But It Probably Has to Do With the […]


A Horse With Glue Never Gets the Job Done: The Story of Humpty Dumpty

It is a well-known fact that I am not a huge fan of kids. I could delve into the reasons again or you could just watch “Children of the Corn” and figure it out for yourself. Despite this wish to steer clear of any person who cannot manage to wipe themselves, I constantly find myself […]

Thursday Haikus

Today is a very busy day. Despite this, I have taken the time to jot down a few haikus for you. It is, after all, Haiku Thursday. Busy Many things to do, Yet, I sit here typing this. What a waste of time. Ode to Fiber My dear friend fiber, Your gift: bowel integrity. Soften, […]

Thursday Haiku (Friday Edition)

It has come to my attention that it is Friday. That may seem like nothing, except yesterday was Thursday. That still may seem like no big deal, but to me it is. Yesterday was Haiku Thursday, and yet, I wrote no haiku. So in the interest of people being able to get on with their […]

Bristol Palin Gets Book Deal. I Am Still Writing a Blog.

I’ve been floating all day long. Today, I heard the best news I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. This makes up for every bad thing that has ever happened to me. This is what I’ve been living for. Bristol Palin is writing a book. This book is not just any book. No, it’s an intimate […]