The Candy Store Fiasco

When one moves to a new place there are a few important things to locate. You should know where your local hospital is. You need to find a grocery store because the alternative to that is either hunting or gathering, neither of which I would be good at, or starving to death. Most importantly, though, […]


Dear Gentleman Behind Me In the Movie Theater…

Dear gentleman behind me in the movie theater, Wow! That sure was a great movie, huh? I bet you thought there were a lot of very funny parts and a good soundtrack. I know you enjoyed it because I could hear your laughter. I, however, am not sure whether I enjoyed it or not. See, […]

Everything You Will Ever Need to Know About Me

The following questions were given to me by my friend at The Ah-Ha Moments. As an attempt to give you a peak into the terrifying land that is my thought process, I have answered them as honestly as possible:   What is your favorite time of day and why? If I were to choose, I […]