Paul Ryan Has Joe Biden’s Friendship Whether He Wants It Or Not

Whenever someone begins to discuss politics, it is a certainty that the conversation will drift into several different topics. Firstly, people will talk about the economy. They will say things about debt and tax rates and China. One person will say that someone who is in power has not helped the debt or tax rates […]


Hit Me Up, Romney. Your Future VP is Here…

Dear Mitt Romney, With the election just four months away, its time to pick your vice president. I have heard a lot of names thrown around like Paul Ryan (No good. Two first names.), David Petraeus (Serious danger of misspelling last name on campaign materials), and Chris Christy (Sounds like a superhero alter ego) amongst […]

Newt Gingrich: Friend to Man and Beast

I’ll be the first to admit it. I can be a cynical person. I am often disparaging and sarcastic, mocking any target that seems to be asking for it. This list has in the past included people from every walk of life. One of the main marks of my razor-sharp wit has been a group […]

Vice President Joe Biden Kills the Fiddlin’ Foresters. Not Literally, But Still…

America, these are uncertain days. After decades of prosperity, our government is running out of money. Actually, we were running out of money a while ago, before we were in debt. Now, we’re REALLY running out of money. Fortunately, our government is on the job. Vice President Joe Biden has stopped all of his current […]