The Age of Noah Has Arrived

In America, the number one selling book is The Bible. It is a cornerstone to the faith of many here in this fine country to the point that if a person goes into court, telling a lie after touching The Bible and promising you will not lie will get you a nice perjury charge. When […]


Good Friday Would Be A Whole Lot Better Without Work

Right now, as you read this, I know exactly what you are thinking. “This Friday, somehow, seems different. It seems…. much more gooder.” First of all, gooder is not a word. That is the worst grammar I have ever seen. Your English teachers have been whipped into a violent rage because of what you just […]

Man Proves Jesus Used A Different Calendar. Well, Good For Him.

With Easter only days away, it is time, once again, for another terrific episode of “Biblical Mysteries Revealed.” In today’s episode, we will look at Jesus’ famed Last Supper, a delicious meal shared with his disciples, which, according to the famous painting, refused to sit on the opposite side of the table as Jesus. Despite […]