Clive Palmer, My New Best Friend

About a year and a half ago, I wrote about a gentleman named Clive Palmer. I’ll take a quick second to refresh everyone on our dear friend Clive. All of his life, Australian Clive Palmer had a dream. Unlike most people, this dream wasn’t to become rich and famous. Palmer is a mining tycoon so, […]

What’s In a Name? If It’s Titanic, Quite a Bit…

There are some ideas that seem bad. Then there are ideas that set a landmark for awfulness, ideas that make every appalling decision you have ever made seem mildly brilliant. These ideas do not come along very often, so when they do it is always something very special. Usually these ideas come from a person […]

Titanic Made Over a Billion Dollars? Why Wouldn’t That Qualify James Cameron to Mine Asteroids?

Once upon a time, space was considered the “final frontier.” Mankind had explored every square inch of the globe and, quite frankly, we were bored. We could not stand one more minute of this hum-drum, dreary planet. We had to break free and get away from this stupid waterlogged globe and into a more mysterious […]