Babies: The World’s Most Adorable Money Suck

Disclaimer: The following post involves shopping for items that would be involved in the raising of a child. If you are a parent of either myself or my wife, I must warn you this does not imply we are considering having a child right now. It was for a friend. Once again, not right now. […]


The Cutest Widdle Iddy Biddy Post Ever…

This weekend, I spent a good amount of time around babies. These little tiny humans were being held by bigger, full-sized humans. Despite the fact that both sizes of people were the same species, there was a special language being spoken. “AW! Wook at youw widdle nose! You awe soooo cute! Yes you awe! You […]

List of the Week: Creepy Things That Are Supposed to Be Adorable

– Hairless cats – (Some) newborn babies – Baby birds – Baby rats -Really, any type of baby anything – Porcelain dolls – The idea of the tooth fairy (Seriously, who wants a bunch of human teeth? What a sicko!) – Families that kiss on the lips – Kids’ beauty pageants – Old Disney cartoons (They […]

Weekly List: The Best Things About Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. This, of course, means that you will be forced to hear many lonely single people complain. No need to worry, though. I have come up with a list of the best things about Valentine’s Day to combat their holiday negativity. This will allow you to spread the joy that is Valentine’s. […]