Entry From a Dog’s Diary, Halloween Edition

Dear Diary, In the past, I have been very concerned about the humans. There are many times they barely seem able to function in the world. If they drop crumbs on the floor, they never pick them up and eat them despite the fact that it is perfectly good food. They insist on not only […]


Science Tells Us Why Clowns Are Creepy, Still Unable to Say Why They Won’t Leave Us Alone

At some point in the history of mankind, adults made a very strange decision. They all got together and, after what I assume was a very tense back and forth debate, voted that kids love clowns. They decided clowns should be at any children’s event, terrorizing birthday parties, causing panic at circuses and carnivals, leading […]

National Hug Day: The Dumbest Holiday Ever or Pure Genius?

All around the world today, people were forced into awkward, unnatural embracing. Under normal circumstances, being hugged is saved for special occasions or people you really like. Today, though, it could have come from the neighbor, the mailman, a stranger in a store, even the smelly homeless gentleman you were nice enough to hand your […]