No Hockey? No Problem!

With the National Hockey League in a lockout, fans of the bloodiest and coldest sport around are left without entertainment. Throughout the country, you can hear the cries of the 4% of Americans who love hockey. You can also hear the sounds of disinterest from the rest of the 96%, but that 4% are pretty […]

Hockey: The Crack Cocaine of Sports

On a cold winter’s day, hundreds of years ago, a man sat outside his village staring at a frozen lake. Hours passed and he continued sitting there, lost in his own thoughts. His eyes had not strayed from that lake as he sat, oblivious to the rest of the world. Very rarely did someone leave […]

Canada Day: Just Like the Fourth of July, But Three Days Earlier and a Bit More Northern

This is it. This is the final straw. You have crossed the line this time and I won’t easily forget a violation of this magnitude. You, Canada, are on my list. Everyone in the world knows that the Fourth of July is American Independence Day, the anniversary of the greatest day in the history of […]