No, Sir, Your Salvador Dali Tattoo Does Not Impress Me

In Nashville, there is a burrito place I like to visit. This is because they have the best burritos a person could ever imagine. It is like someone took Chipotle, then decided to make it roughly 80% better. Then they added Horchata at the beverage station, effectively creating the greatest restaurant ever. The restaurant must […]

Answering The Internet’s Burning Questions

One of the joys of hosting a blog on WordPress is that you are privy to some of the search terms that have led people to you. It can be very insightful. For instance, I had no idea that this blog was a hotbed for information on irrational women, but thanks to WordPress, I now […]

Give Them Back Their Mustaches, Hipsters!

It was early this morning when I walked into a meeting. I was very tired and waiting for my coffee to kick in. During this part of the day, it is easy for things to slip by me. I may not notice things. I am fairly certain that if I were ever stabbed in the […]

Oh, Sweet Moses… I May Be a Hipster

I’m a very self-aware person. I know what I am good at (eating cheese, relacing shoes) and what skills I am lacking (most things). I’ve analyzed and reanalyzed myself, knowing each and every thing about me. I am definitely the foremost expert on the subject of “I.” Every so often, though, something about myself is […]