Breaking News: Someone Has Finally Found a Way To Get Me to Stop Eating Fried Chicken

When traveling, there are a few rules I always try to abide by. Firstly, do not, under any circumstance, look like a tourist. When one is traveling with me, fanny packs, daypacks, cameras strapped around the neck at the ready, or any other telltale sign of tourism are prohibited. You might as well wear a […]

Guy Fieri: I’m Supposed To Take Food Advice From a Guy Who Looks Like That?

I like to eat. As an American, this is not an abnormal fondness. We eat all the time. We are the country that invented the Bacon milkshake and the deep-fried ________(You can really put anything in this space. We have seriously fried everything.). Our gas stations have a spot where you can add chili and […]