No, Golf On The Radio Is Not More Interesting Than It Sounds

I am an unapologetic sports fan. There is just something about watching a good game that is very exciting. I enjoy the strategic mind games of baseball, the give and take of basketball, the pure brute might and ensuing concussions of football, and the non-stop action of hockey. When the Olympics come around, I will […]


Golf: I Guess It Would Be a Good Sport To Nap To

  As a self-admitted sports nerd, I am very willing to watch most sports. Baseball, football, basketball are all consumed by me without hesitation. I have even watched sports I don’t really like (I’m talking to you, soccer) just because they are on. There is one, though, that I will never, ever, under any circumstance […]

Dear Nathan

DEAR NATHAN: One of my friends, “Max,” cheats at golf. Otherwise he’s witty, interesting and fun to be around. He moves his ball closer to the hole on the green and “improves” his lie when he thinks no one is looking. I have tried to overlook Max’s transgressions, but others in our golf group talk […]