Fashion: I’m Supposed To Wear What?

It has come to my attention that I may not be completely attuned to the latest fashions. It’s not that I was ever exactly the almighty sovereign ruler of the great kingdom of fashiondom or anything. I have always been less haute couture and more “this shirt doesn’t look like crap AND it’s $10!” There […]


Real Ladies Run in Skirts

Dear lady running down the street, Congratulations on your attempts at physical fitness. You and your friend were really giving a full 110% out there today. That’s a pretty big deal because that’s 10% more than is physically possible to give. I will say, though, I am concerned. I watched the two of you run […]

In Memoriam of Nathan’s Broken-In Khakis, 2011-2012

Nathan’s Broken-in Khakis, 1, of Kansas City, died at 7:19 a.m. on Tuesday, August 7, 2012, in a small apartment bedroom. After weeks of suffering from a problematic zipper, Broken-in Khakis went quietly as his zipper gave out for good. Found on an Old Navy bargain rack, Khakis came into Nathan’s life at just the […]

My Hat: The Only Friend I Need

My parents gave me a lot of great things. As long as you get past my height, bad eye sight, or the fact that I am destined to have high cholesterol and blood pressure, possibly leading to my heart exploding into a billion pieces, their genes did a pretty decent job. There is one other […]

Prepare Your Fireworks, One Week Until We Start Trying To Blow Things Up!

This past weekend, I wondered by an Old Navy. Just to be clear, I am talking about the store, not a group of aged sailors. I don’t usually run in the same circles as them. Inside the store, I saw it. There, piled and stacked in the midst of pre-distressed jeans and polo shirts, sat […]