Can’t We All Just Get Along?

We are living in divisive times. I assume this statement doesn’t catch anyone off guard. Everywhere you look, you will see one group pitted directly against another. As a country, we have been divided into two camps. There’s one very loud camp that will shout “Fake News!” while choosing to believe headlines like “Deep State […]


Thanks For Ruining Everything, Media Jerks!

Dear CNN, Fox, NBC, Google, Yahoo, ESPN, and everyone on Facebook or Twitter, As you might have heard, the Olympics began this weekend in London. Today was the first day of events and I was very eager to watch Michael Phelps swim in his first race. As you have reminded me every day leading up […]

Anyone Can Talk About the NFL Draft. Yes, Even You.

Nothing is bigger in America than football. People love football. There is something about the potential of debilitating injury from being hit by a 300 pound man that seems to get everyone interested. This love of football, though, can become a problem for some. Since the season lasts six months, the most football crazed must […]

New Bleacher Report Article

Check out a new article on Bleacher Report abou the AFC West. You will enjoy. Article here Related Articles Dear John Fox: Don’t Be Stupid, Kyle Orton Should Be Denver Broncos’ Starting QB ( NFL Mock Draft 2011: St. Louis Rams Lock Up Illinois DT Corey Liuget at No. 14 (