Disney to spinoff “Boy Meets World,” continue destroying everything good about my childhood

My first post for the site The Commission is up today. Click here to read it. Read it many times. You should repeatedly read it until your eyes bleed. Then, you should get a friend to read it to you since it can be very difficult to read through bloody eyes. Thanks in advance for reading […]

Watch Your Back, Graduates! Here Comes Adulthood!

Greetings, college graduates. Within the month, you will be done with college. You will be kicked out of your cozy dorm room and, for the first time in your 22 years on this planet, you will be forced to completely fend for yourself. You will find yourself without the amenities that you have had in […]

How I Feel Today…

Today has been the longest day of all time. Ever. After four hours of photographing children, three hours of carrying my niece around, three trips to a dressing room to try on a new suit, and hauling a gigantic bag of ice around, I am beyond tired. In fact, I am beyond almost all words […]