Presidential Debates: It’s Like the Rich White Guy Olympics

Every four years, a group of individuals dust off their nicest suits, grab their best tie (red or blue, preferably) and begin spouting off gibberish much to the delight of the entire country. They visit state fairs and eat a great amount of fried foods. They talk about the “Spirit of America,” which, I am […]


Bristol Palin Gets Book Deal. I Am Still Writing a Blog.

I’ve been floating all day long. Today, I heard the best news I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. This makes up for every bad thing that has ever happened to me. This is what I’ve been living for. Bristol Palin is writing a book. This book is not just any book. No, it’s an intimate […]

Is this how becoming an Old Fogie begins?

I’m becoming old and boring. Let’s be honest. EVERYONE is becoming old and boring. As you get older, the things that were fun, interesting and delightful become boring, dull, and so unbelievably obnoxious that you find your self wanting to complain about young people’s music and the height of their pants. I first thought about […]