Things To Think About

-People always say “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” That, though, does not seem like a specific enough statement. Where are the tough going? Maybe they went to grab some Korean food or to pick up a pack of gum. A better statement would be “When the going gets tough, the tough […]

Things to Think About…

-It must be hard to get jobs if you are an ugly plastic surgeon, but it can’t be as hard as a nudist getting a job as a tailor. -I asked a kid what kind of Popsicle he had and he told me, “Green!” I know it was probably lime, but there is a slim […]

Deep Thoughts For The Weekend

The weekend can be a very boring time. I’ve found it can be an excellent time for self reflection. It’s important for a person to look inside themselves and examine their innermost thoughts. These are what I’ve thought about today. – Someone at some point in history invented shoelaces. Before that, they only had shoes […]