Chocolate: A Real Weakness

In the break room at work, you are bound to run across interesting conversations. More often, though, you are going to hear the same conversations over and over. The break room is not a place to break ground conversationally, lest you choose your conversational choice poorly and spend the next 40 years known as the […]


Dear Zanies Comedy Club

Dear Zanies Comedy Club, This evening, I ordered a burger that you deemed a “Mexican Burger.” I expected this to be a pure international delight, a fiesta in my mouth. Maybe there would be salsa or even fresh pico di gallo. It was not. Please in the future refrain from calling this your “Mexican Burger.” […]

Wife Talk: The Fear of Dining Alone

It seems you can find a website about anything these days. If you want a recipe for a clambake, it’s there. You need to buy 1000 wrapped sporks? You can find it. There are even hundreds of sites to look at humorous pictures of zoo animals. In fact, there are sites that meet every need a […]

My Cinnamon Challenge

According to the Wall Street Journal, the newest fad to hit the internet is eating a spoonful of cinnamon. Over 30,000 videos tagged “Cinnamon Challenge” have been put onto YouTube. That means that this fad is the real deal. It is not a safe fad, though. It can cause inflammation of the lungs and possible […]

What’s Inside Your Turkey?: A Thanksgiving Post

Once upon a time, there lived a group of Europeans. These Europeans were very upset with their home-continent, so they jump in a bunch of big boats and sailed away. Eventually, these people landed inAmerica, a new land that had recently been discovered. Unfortunately, they were not aware that this new land was void of […]

Girl Scouts: Everyone’s Enemies

Stereotypes can be mean. At this point, every group in the world has at least one stereotype about them, most of which are not true. For example, I am an award winning break dancer despite my Caucasian descent (Editor’s note: No. He can’t dance one bit.). But I feel like Americans, as a whole, have […]

Weekly List: The Best Things About Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. This, of course, means that you will be forced to hear many lonely single people complain. No need to worry, though. I have come up with a list of the best things about Valentine’s Day to combat their holiday negativity. This will allow you to spread the joy that is Valentine’s. […]