My Janitorial Pressure

It’s important to know your limitations. For some it may be a lacking at physical prowess. For others, their limitations could be caused by fear. For me, it’s very obvious. I do not always handle pressure well. I was riding up the elevator at work today when the door opened. The janitor (Custodian? Maintenance Technician? […]


Let’s Talk Paper Towels

  Around ten o’clock today, I took my usual coffee break at work. My eight o’clock coffee had just begun to wear off, so to prevent any sort of unfortunate incidents due to a lack of caffeine, I headed to the break room for preventative caffeination. As I poured a cup of mediocre but nevertheless […]

Spring Cleaning: A Lesson In Procrastination

Prepare your mops and your dustpans. Empty out your vacuum bags. Put the finishing touches on your working replica of Rosie, the robot maid from The Jetsons. It’s officially time for spring cleaning. Every year, it happens the same way. You realize the necessity of spring cleaning as the sun comes out and warms your […]