Give Them Back Their Mustaches, Hipsters!

It was early this morning when I walked into a meeting. I was very tired and waiting for my coffee to kick in. During this part of the day, it is easy for things to slip by me. I may not notice things. I am fairly certain that if I were ever stabbed in the […]

The Story of Christopher Columbus

As children, we are taught many rhymes. We are taught rhymes about women who live in shoes and rhymes about girls who, for some reason, eat curds and whey. There is a spider that goes up a water spout and a lamb that follows a girl to school. Amongst all of these rhymes, though, sits […]


The Thin Line Between Genius and Insanity: Really, Guys. It is Super Thin.

There is a very common phrase that says, “There is a thin line between genius and insanity.” It is, in essence, saying that if we were to map genius and insanity, they would be Canada and the United States. Albert Einstein and Charles Manson would be close enough to touch, but still not quite in […]