Your Foolproof Guide To Taxes

Tax season can be a very trying time for anyone. Throughout an entire year of hard work, people often look at their checks to find that a sizeable chunk has been given to the government. Then, after all of the grueling days and long weeks filled with labor, the government has the gall to try […]

The Wing That Got Away

There it laid, sprawled out in the middle of the floor. There were no signs of life, not that there ever were. The splatters from the crash landing coated the area around it. By all accounts, it was a disaster. Seeing that devastation, that destruction, it’s hard to believe that just 30 seconds before that […]

Breaking News: Someone Has Finally Found a Way To Get Me to Stop Eating Fried Chicken

When traveling, there are a few rules I always try to abide by. Firstly, do not, under any circumstance, look like a tourist. When one is traveling with me, fanny packs, daypacks, cameras strapped around the neck at the ready, or any other telltale sign of tourism are prohibited. You might as well wear a […]