Happy Canada Day!

As an American, this blog can become very USA-centric. That is not fair. There are literally dozens of other countries around the world, many of them carrying an actual importance with them. The USA is not the only country in the entire universe. For instance, there is Canada. I have been to Canada not once, […]


Radio Station Gives Away Babies, Also Gives Me Nightmares

I never win anything. It’s just the way my life works. I can only remember winning a handful of prizes in my lifetime, the last one being an electronic toothbrush. In the tradition of my luck, though, that toothbrush was almost immediately possessed by a demon. Some people say it broke, but I know otherwise. […]

Dentist Day! HOORAY!!!!!

In the mornings, I like to enjoy a nice bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee. It’s a great way to start out the morning, giving you time to flip from “morning-zombie” mode into “awake and alive” mode. Imagine my excitement when, instead of a nice relaxing morn before my journey to work, I […]

I Could Really Use a Million Dollar Piece of Trash

I hate TV. I should be more specific. It is not the entertainment of TV that I hate. Nothing is more enjoyable then sitting down, turning my brain off, and staring mindlessly at a flashing screen. I’m not going to sit here and preach the evils of television or the lack of “quality, though-provoking” programming. […]