How Wikipedia Destroyed Encyclopedia Britannica

About a month ago, I went a day without internet. Like the trooper I am, I powered through, writing a blog post anyway. The topic was, not surprisingly, how hard it is to do things without the internet. In this post, I had a lot of fun at the expense of encyclopedias (If you do […]


Choose Your Own Adventure: Landonburg or Bust Part 1

As a child, there was type of book that always held my interest: Choose your own adventure books. In these books, you follow a story and then at pivotal plot points, you would decide what the main character did. We are going to attempt an experiment here on The Life and Times. This is the […]

Bristol Palin Gets Book Deal. I Am Still Writing a Blog.

I’ve been floating all day long. Today, I heard the best news I’ve ever heard in my lifetime. This makes up for every bad thing that has ever happened to me. This is what I’ve been living for. Bristol Palin is writing a book. This book is not just any book. No, it’s an intimate […]