How To Make Sure Your Birthday is Great

In honor of the Hobbler’s birthday, I have compiled a guide to having a great birthday. You can help make her birthday better by visiting her blog. She also probably wouldn’t argue with a cake if you could make that happen. Cakes are very delicious. Tips for a Great Birthday -Make sure you have a […]


Everything You Will Ever Need to Know About Me

The following questions were given to me by my friend at The Ah-Ha Moments. As an attempt to give you a peak into the terrifying land that is my thought process, I have answered them as honestly as possible:   What is your favorite time of day and why? If I were to choose, I […]

The Lies I Told

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that I been complimented on my lying abilities. They really are one of a kind. I’m such a good liar that I am sure you were questioning whether I really did write about that. To celebrate my liar-status, I gave everyone six facts. Three of these facts were […]

Landonburg or Bust Finale

Tomorrow, I will write and post the grand finale of our Choose Your Own Adventure experiment. There is a tiny issue, however. At this second, there are two decisions tied for the lead. That means that Craig can’t move on to the next chapter of his adventure. Uh oh! I need people, or at least […]