Legend has it that deep in the mountains of Tibet roams a beast. Some say the beast has a coat white as snow, his majestic fleece rippling in the cool Himalayan breeze. Very few have seen this beast lumbering about as he makes his way down the mountainside through a nearby village looking for a […]


Internet Claims Unicorns Are Real, Disappoints Many

You win again, internet. This morning, I woke up, ready to learn what was going on in the world. I turned on the computer, clicked on the internet, waited for the internet to load (it’s a very slow computer) and saw what I thought was going to be the story of a lifetime. “Arabian Unicorn […]

New Big Foot Video Continues to Prove Absolutely Nothing

I have been involved in many conversational topics in my life. For the most part, these conversations revolve around something dull, uninteresting, and boring, like details about your day (Do I care if the coffee at work today was so strong you had to spit it out? No. I don’t. Unless I have also had […]