Noah’s Ark 2.0: Now With More Robots

I’ve never been to Disney World. When I say this, the usual response is something between a shout of “WHAT?!” and a gasp, usually coming out, “Whuuuuuuuuuauauauauau?!” Apparently this is the most important place in history to visit, and poor Nathan has never had the priviledge to ride spinning tea cups or look at a […]

Start Your Watches, It’s The Countdown To The End Of The World

I feel obligated to let you in on a little fact. The world is ending May 21st. I’m sure right now, you are tempted to go read the latest article about Lindsay Lohan’s legal troubles and ignore everything I’ve just said. Well, don’t do it. This is way more important. Besides, she’ll have a new […]

Man Proves Jesus Used A Different Calendar. Well, Good For Him.

With Easter only days away, it is time, once again, for another terrific episode of “Biblical Mysteries Revealed.” In today’s episode, we will look at Jesus’ famed Last Supper, a delicious meal shared with his disciples, which, according to the famous painting, refused to sit on the opposite side of the table as Jesus. Despite […]