My Janitorial Pressure

It’s important to know your limitations. For some it may be a lacking at physical prowess. For others, their limitations could be caused by fear. For me, it’s very obvious. I do not always handle pressure well. I was riding up the elevator at work today when the door opened. The janitor (Custodian? Maintenance Technician? […]


Skipping And Restrooms, Together At Last

I don’t understand why movie theatres sell large drinks. They find suckers like me and post pictures of drinks, almost as if to say, “A movie is a REALLY long time to go without some sort of refreshment. Good luck with your dry and itchy throat!” I almost have no choice but to spend every […]

Tales From the Public Restroom

Warning: The following post is an excellent example of over sharing. If you do not care for over sharing, please move along to a different blog. I hear there are a lot of blogs that feature recipes. Maybe you could learn to make a nice spinach dip or some tomato relish to garnish your black […]

Barack Obama, Shower Curtains, and Dachshund Paws: The Ramblings of a Sleepless Man

It is currently 4:14 in the AM. So why am I awake right now, you may ask? Well, I am asking the same question. I don’t have a good answer. Maybe I’m concerned with the economy. Maybe I’m worried about the type of world my future children will have to live in. Maybe my dog […]