Pants Will Be the Death of Me

Humans are without a doubt the dumbest animal on the planet Earth. Just look at all of the creatures that are in the world. Crows are born knowing how to build tools. I would have trouble doing that and I would be using an opposable thumb, not a beak. Pigs have been trained to use […]


The Five Phases of the Drunk Sports Fan

Over the course of my lifetime, I have been to many sporting events. At sporting events you will find many things. There is always the person who is inappropriate on the jumbotron’s “Kiss Cam.” There is the fan who screams from the upper deck, nearly popping a blood vessel despite the fact that he is […]

“Women Are Irrational,” Says Science

Well, it’s official. Science has proven it, and there is no disputing the facts here, ladies and gentlemen. Women are completely and utterly irrational. Science Daily, a publication I assume to be very reputable because it has the word “Science” in the title, not to mention they know enough to publish something “Daily,” has published […]

Dear Barack Obama

Dear Barack Obama, Hello. How are you? I am also well, thanks for asking. It’s so great that we could catch up like this. I was watching the Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday night. I do this every Sunday night with hopes of eventually seeing the animal on Donald Trump’s head move. It still hasn’t, but […]

The Ways of a Liar

Yesterday, I received a challenge. Not a regular everyday challenge, such as “Nathan, I challenge you to eat a dozen eggs in one sitting.” No, that’s chump change. This challenge came way of Sandi at Ahhsome. You can read her original post here. Apparently, the people who create chain letters have decided blogs are not exempt […]