A Seatbelt Related Dream

It was late at night when I pulled up to the stoplight. The road was dimly lit, the only light coming from a car to my right. It bounced through my windshield, showing that I had neglected to buckle my seatbelt. I don’t know why it was unbuckled. Maybe I had decided to live dangerously. […]


Worst Idea Ever: Wearing Black While Biking In a Rainstorm at Night

It was a dark and rainy night as I drove down Broadway. Not shockingly, my 1992 Ford Explorer does not have the greatest braking distance in history. As I came on an intersection, I suddenly slammed on my brakes. I hoped that I would be able to stop in time. There, in the middle of […]

The Battle Between My Adult Self and Inner-Child Rages On

I’m distracted today. Not that it’s a rare occurrence for me to feel some of blockage to the attention-paying portion of my brain (I believe it’s the attention cortex). I’m from the MTV generation, so naturally I haven’t paid full attention to anything, in, well, probably in forever (unless my wife asks, in which case, […]