Birthday Candles A Hot Button Issue In Australia (Get it? Hot because of the flame on the candles?)

There is nothing as exciting to a child as a birthday. You get the presents. You’re friends are there strictly to honor you. There’s party games and fun. The thing everyone looks forward to the most, though, is that cake. Nothing says birthday like tiny flames on top of a baked treat. Before everyone gets […]


The Third Time Is Absolutely Not The Charm

At some point in the history of the English language, someone created the phrase “The third time is the charm.” This seems to make very little sense. If I have already failed at something twice, it seems highly unlikely that I will suddenly be able to complete it that third time. I definitely haven’t had […]

Earth Hour 2011: Learn to Love the Dark

I’ve been training for this all year. Tomorrow, the pain, the torture, all of the stress will be worth it when my switch-flipping finger can properly save the world. Tomorrow is Earth Hour. For those who aren’t too sure what I’m talking about, read a newspaper every so often. I can’t be your source of […]