Can’t We All Just Get Along?

We are living in divisive times. I assume this statement doesn’t catch anyone off guard. Everywhere you look, you will see one group pitted directly against another. As a country, we have been divided into two camps. There’s one very loud camp that will shout “Fake News!” while choosing to believe headlines like “Deep State […]


Yordano Ventura: What Can You Say?

Just over a year ago, there was a parade through the streets of Kansas City. Riding in truck beds, the members of the Kansas City Royals waved and cheered along with a crowd as the vehicles weaved throughout the downtown blocks. There were speeches from the players to the fans, a group who had waited […]

A World Of Hate

There are some things you never expect to see. Yesterday, in between goofing around with friends and a relaxing afternoon spent with my couch and trusty Netflix account, one of those things happened. My CNN app alerted me to breaking news. I assumed that, like the last 50 or so, this would be regarding the […]

The Best Way to Blow a Kid’s Mind: Homelessness

Five-year-olds are a challenge. Visiting with my niece, I remember the days when she was little. She was an absolute delight, the very first baby that I wasn’t terrified of holding, worried that I would somehow break the baby in half just by picking her up wrong. Then at some point she went ahead and […]