The Horrors of War

They say that war is Hell. While this not upheld by any Biblical scripture, people seem to be in agreement. Far and wide, people are not huge fans of war. Since I declared war on that menace, The Hobbler, roughly 250,000 people have met their demise. Granted, none of these deaths were directly caused by […]


The Uninspired Chronicles: I Overcame Writer’s Block, and You Can TOO!

Never one to turn down a challenge, I have written the following post in answer to a post by Riatarded.   Writer’s block is a difficult thing to overcome. As a person who has written a blog post everyday for the last 98 days, I have now overcome writer’s block 326 times in that time […]

Everything You Will Ever Need to Know About Me

The following questions were given to me by my friend at The Ah-Ha Moments. As an attempt to give you a peak into the terrifying land that is my thought process, I have answered them as honestly as possible:   What is your favorite time of day and why? If I were to choose, I […]

My Sincerest Apologies. It Appears That I May Suck.

Just days ago, I wrote a post declaring my predictions for the Oscars. I found it to be a mildly entertaining, albeit not fantastic, post that was worthy of being posted on my mildly entertaining, albeit not fantastic, blog. It was not the best thing I’ve ever written. That said, it was also not the […]

The Lies I Told

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that I been complimented on my lying abilities. They really are one of a kind. I’m such a good liar that I am sure you were questioning whether I really did write about that. To celebrate my liar-status, I gave everyone six facts. Three of these facts were […]

I Am an Award Winning Liar

When you have been blogging awhile, you are bound to be given “awards.” These “awards” are, in all actuality, chain posts that float from blogger to blogger, forcing others to give interesting facts about themselves before they pass along the assignment. These awards never carry any real sort of acknowledgement. There is no cash prize […]

I Guess My Blog is Lovely?

I don’t win a lot of things. I once beat my phone at a game of Monopoly, but I’m still pretty convinced that was a fluke. Because of this, my life has been fairly awardless. (Yes, I know awardless isn’t a word. Thanks for noticing, Captain Dictionary.) I do not frequently win or receive nominations […]

RU SRS?: The English Language is Dead

There is no way to turn on the news now without hearing about the presidential race. We are inundated with information about Newt Gingrich being a sleazy swinger, Mitt Romney flip-flopping, Ron Paul being borderline insane and the other candidates being uninteresting, but at the very least, living human beings. They are all campaigning on […]